image seo for dumpster rental

Image SEO for Dumpster Rental

Getting your waste management business on the internet is tricky. The competition among waste management companies is high. In this scuffle for visibility on the web comes image SEO.

This article will talk about how image SEO can work for dumpster rental companies, tips to use it, and the benefits of using it for your business. 

What is image SEO?

Image SEO is when the images of your websites are optimized to make it easy for search engines to find them. With image SEO, you optimized your visibility and Google ranks your website higher than others. 

When talking about SEO for images you are talking about type, size, load time, usage, and keywords optimization in images. Image SEO is necessary for dumpster rental businesses because it helps with ranking, in fact when you have bad image SEO, it will be difficult for your business to gain links and have valuable organic traffic.

Tips that can make image SEO work for dumpster rental

For image SEO to be effective for your dumpster rental business here are some useful tips :

  • Use a compressor to limit your image sizes

The speed of the website has a huge impact on how Image SEO can work for you. The overall ability of your dumpster rental company to rank and gain traffic is important. With site speed, a user can move quickly from one page to another easily.

When you compress your image to the right size, it helps increase the speed of your site. Wrong size images usually impede website speed. Because you can’t separate image SEO firm website speed, you will need to work on how to compress your image for better results.

  • Upload images using the next-gen formats

Another important piece of information about image SEO is using next-gen image formats to serve your images. This is particularly good for dumpster rentals because it helps increase their conversion rates. 

Next-gen formats include Jpeg, jpg XR, and Web. If you aren’t techy, don’t worry they are easy to use just like. When you encode your images in these next-gen formats, it helps the dumpster rental Web page load faster using less data. 

There are many online converters you can use if you want to start serving your business pictures using these formats.

  • Crop your images to suit your website

When we talk about scaling of images, we mean putting the right image sizes (dimensions not size) to good use. However, doing this varies because of the different content management systems (CMS) and formats available. Go to your dimension best practice in your CMS to upload, 

It is ideal to use around 2048×2048 pixels when dealing with this. Your dumpster rental business needs a good image quality to be able to compete with others. Using SEO images to correct your dimensions for display will work well. 

However, to be successful in this, know how to use your site’s websites and understand how cropping images work, then upload them. If it looks complicated, maybe you can download stock images, however, ensure you find the right size for your dumpster rental platform.

  • Create authentic image content

With SEO image, you will have to create original and unique content to rank highly and improve the visibility of your dumpster rental advertising service. While stick images are great for sizing, especially when you use Adobe stock, Pinterest, or Shutterstock which can be easily integrated into the website.

However, using stock photos from vendors isn’t innovative nor effective as having original pictures. Since you aim to get better clients and attract them, you will need original images. You could use curated graphs based on in-house data or good-quality shots of your dumpster rental services. 

These types of images can be shared on your social media accounts. Unique images are crucial if you want to make your dumpster rental business thrive using image SEO. When Google experts are asked about what can cause a drop in ranking and visibility, they mention ‘originality’. What this implies is using images that are unique and offer users the best experience.

  • Usage of titles, alt text, and captions

When Google wants to check image queries, there is a limit to the information they can access. However, they have better access when they index a whole page. When considering image SEO, your dumpster rental company needs to give Google all the relevant information about the images you want to upload. There are three ways to go about this :

  • Alt Text

Alt text can help users’ experience, especially those using screen readers and those with loading times. For ranking your dumpster rental business, alt text works because it helps Google understand what your image is trying to portray. Your best bet is to include target keywords and other supporting keywords in the image.

  • Titles

While there has been some argument about the effectiveness of Titles in SEO image, it is still a reliable tool. Titles are ranking factors when Google determines which images should be at the top. You should ensure that when putting out content about dumpster rental, using captivating titles is important.

  • Captions

Google gets more data from the image you put out from the content, captions, and titles. Your dumpster rental business needs to put your image close to a relevant title. This will help Google determine what the image is for. When you use captions, you are helping your image rank higher on the Web.

  • Be careful with copyright issues

Irrespective of the image files you use, ensure there is no copyright conflict. Dumpsters rental companies will have better credibility when they stay clear of copyright problems. Online businesses have been fined millions of dollars due to lifting images without asking permission. 

When using images from Getty, DepositFiles, and shutter shock, check for licensing. Under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), everyone will be notified if they have contravened any image copyright issues.

  • Make the images mobile-enabled

When it comes to image SEO, dumpster rental companies need to ensure their websites and images are Mobile friendly. Over 80% of people on the Web are browsing via their Android and IOS mobile devices, it is therefore important you use mobile SEO for better ranking power and user engagement. 

There is some guidance on how you can optimize your images to be mobile-friendly.

  • Add images to your sitemaps

When creating new images for your dumpster rental companies, it’s either you add to your sitemap or make a new sitemap for pictures. When you have images in a sitemap, the chances that search engines will crawl your website are high. For those using WordPress, Yoast, and RankMath, there is an easy sitemap strategy that could work for you.

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  • Easy social sharing

Social media remains the greatest tool to sell your dumpster rental business, and you can do it on social media sites 

On social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, there are tags on HTML that make sure anyone that shares a page or snippet is described correctly.

Therefore, if you want your dumpster rental images to gain more views, steam, and drive traffic to you, you will want to use image SEO correctly. Try to mock post your page on Facebook and Twitter and ensure it is populating correctly.

You can use open graph tags. However, it will depend on the type of CMS you are using. If you use WordPress, there are fields you will find in Yoast that will ensure you can share images on social media easily. 

  • Try lazy loading

Besides having a catchy name, lazy loading can benefit your dumpster rental business by increasing page speed. Lazy loading can greatly increase the loading of long pages. For those using WordPress, there are some lazy loading plugins that you can try out. For those using other CMS, check Google’s guides on lazy loading.

Benefits of Using Image SEO For Your Dumpster Rental Business

Image SEO is underrated. However, when used by SEO specialists, it can offer some benefits for your business :

  • Help beat your competitors.

When used correctly, image SEO can help you stand toe to toe with your rivals and beat them. It helps you get more organic traffic and calls for your dumpster rental business.

  • Efficient and fast

Image SEO helps you integrate keywords that are necessary for your business to thrive. It is a quick way to get your business at the top of the Google search engine.

  • Facilitates conversion rates

When you have a good handle on SEO images, aside from getting more visits, you will also get more customers who will patronize your dumpster rental business.

Final Thoughts

Image SEO for dumpster rental is very important for businesses who want more organic traffic and indexing from Google. When you use the tips shared above, you are assured of beating your competitors and having an increase in conversion rates.