7 Marketing Strategies for Waste Management

Get Dumpster Rental Leads With 7 Digital Marketing Strategies

Though it may not look like it, dumpsters and waste management and removal play a significant role in our lives and our environment as a whole. To a large extent, the presence of dumpsters in the environment helps to safeguard lives from harmful and hazardous waste that can be disposed of in the dumpster. 

Also, when we need to clear out our house, basement, or office, and we’re looking for the best waste management companies to contact, we rent a dumpster to help with the waste, right?

Considering the importance of the dumpster, every day, people are on a daily search for rental dumpsters. And maybe you’re aware of this so you just sit back and hope that one day people find your business, you’re doing your business more than you can imagine.

Instead of sitting back and waiting, there are ways to get dumpster rental leads with digital marketing and this article is going to take you through the different ways of using digital marketing to grow your rental business seamlessly.

7 digital marketing tips to get dumpster rental leads

The days of traditional marketing are over because now people tend to get all their things online. Ranging from information to groceries; everything is online. That’s why below is a list of digital ways to get visibility and leads for your dumpster rental business online.

  1. Buy a matching domain name

Once you’ve come up with a domain name, you need to check if there are matching domain names that are similar to the name of your business although this may not be very necessary.

Apart from the similarities between your business and the already existing domain name, the domain name has to be easy to pronounce and easy to understand by your prospective customers. Also, the domain name must speak to your type of business and not be completely abstract. 

Also, buying domain names that are similar to that of your business increases your business visibility. There would have already been a lot of searches on an existing domain name so it’d be easy for your business to top search engine results. 

But note that the domain name must relate to your type of business, for instance, companies like “Dump bin here”, an example of a domain name that matches your business.

2. Create an impressive business website

It’s one thing for your website to rank high in search engine results and it’s another thing for customers to stay long on your website to get employed by your services. 

An unimpressive website is a huge turn-off for prospective customers and many factors can contribute to this. Your website tends to repulse customers if it takes too long to load a page, the website design is bland, and many other factors.

Now, your website doesn’t have to have the latest website design, it just needs to be presentable and impressive. It also needs to be full of the right information and the information should be easy to find. Information like your contact and ways to book an appointment should be made easy to locate on the site.

You can employ the service of an expert website designer to create an impressive website for you. Or you can use other websites’ templates to build an impressive one for yourself.

3. Optimize your website for every device

In 2021, research has it that the number of people accessing the internet through their mobile phones stands at 4.32 billion. This signifies that over 90% of the world’s population access the internet through their mobile phones. 

People are always in need of information and want to get their results on the go. Hence the reason why your website needs to be optimized for every device, both desktop, laptop, and Mobile devices. 

If the links on your website can’t be accessible by every device, especially mobile devices then you’re missing out on your potential customers out of the 4.32 billion internet users.

It’s a worthwhile investment if your website is updated to be accessible by every device. This makes it easier for customers to reach you once they need you.

4. Take advantage of pay-per-click advertising

The sole purpose of owning a website is so that your website can be visible and you can drive traffic to your site. If you’re not getting the traffic you seek, here is where you can leverage the benefits of pay-per-click advertising (PPC) ads to get you your desired traffic to your site.

 You can run an advertisement of your business on the different PPC platforms and your business will be displayed. If it is done the right way, you’ll begin to get results within a short time and you’ll also get organic traffic that you can make sales.

Also, your keywords play a vital role in the success of the PPC solution. Using the right keywords helps you reach your prospective clients faster. 

For instance, keywords like “dumpster services near me” will bring out dumpster services in a particular area. If you find a way to coalesce the PPC and the right keywords, your website has a high chance of driving organic traffic.

5. Market Dumpster Rental Business on Social Media

Around the globe now, over 4.62 billion have an account on social media. And over the last 12 months, over 424 million users have been active on social media. 

It’s one thing to use PPC ads to increase your online visibility and gain more traffic while it’s another thing to leverage social media. 

Through social media, you have every chance to rake in massive traffic to your site, increase your online visibility and interact more with your customers. 

Although social media holds loads of potential, the bitter truth is that most people don’t want to engage with a dumpster rental service, meanwhile, everyone needs this service. 

At this point, the service of an experienced social management team is needed. These experts know how to make both your past customers and potential customers engage you on social media. 

If you’re going to invest in social media management, then ensure that your investment is worth your while. Ensure that they’re capable of generating leads and driving traffic; you want to be sure you’re not wasting your resources.

Your presence on social media is as important as owning a website. On social media, you can post interesting contents that pique and attract the interest of followers. You can share the reviews of satisfied customers on your social media platform. You can reply to comments and address any issue that seems to disturb your customers.

There are different social media platforms you can start with. Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform there is, there’s also LinkedIn and others. When you open a social media account, ensure you’re always active so you don’t miss out on your potential customers.

6. Make regular blog posts

Content, they say, is king. The presence of social media seems to downplay the significance of effective and regular blog posts. Blogs are still valuable as people still look up information on the internet every second. 

When you make regular blog posts that are informative, educational, and expository, you’re creating an audience that’s ready to read whatever you post. If your post is unique and attractive, they speak to your potential customer’s needs and prompt them to take action. 

Unique and impressive contents give your audience the impression that you’re an expert in your field and you can meet their dumpster rental service needs. 

Furthermore, you can promote your content across your social media platforms, make use of effective images of your rental equipment, use the right keywords and watch your website earn more traffic. 

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7. Follow up on past customers

For every business, nothing beats keeping good relationships with old customers. They play a significant role in the success of your business. A good review and referrals from them can make your business and a bad review and no referrals at all might mar your business.

Also, you’re likely to sell more to your old customers than new ones. You already have your old customers’ trust and the bond has already been established. That’s why it’s imperative that you keep in touch with your old customers instead of investing all your efforts into acquiring new ones. Keep in touch with past clients by emailing them.

It’s not easy marketing dumpster equipment because your product is not something that your customers can keep over a long time. That’s why getting feedback from your old customers will give you the privilege of working on any aspect of your business that’s not satisfactory.

Bottom line

The goal of every business is to make sales and in this digital world, the only way to make sales is to do it the digital way. Dumpster rentals are not left out, many benefits await any dumpster services that employ digital marketing strategies.

Online marketing helps you achieve this but only with the right strategies. The strategies explored in this article if followed diligently can grow your business within a short time.