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Dumpster Rental Email Marketing 101

Neil Patel, an authority in the Digital marketing space defines email marketing as “the act of sending promotional messages to people in mass quantities, as a means of generating sales or leads, and it may contain advertising”.

For dumpster rentals companies, marketing might sometimes seem like a herculean task, most especially with the bulk of competitors in the business. Keep reading as I take you through the fundamentals of email marketing for a dumpster rentals agency.

Amongst all the different marketing strategies, email marketing stands as the king, as more than 64 % of small businesses as of 2021 use this channel to reach their customers. In 2021 alone, there were over 4 billion daily email users. These stats show the prospects of email marketing for businesses, even for dumpster rentals.

With the tall list of marketing channels existing today, it is no doubt a worry for dumpster rental agencies on which to settle with. Haven stated the facts above about the general usage and acceptability of email marketing, it is wise to say that settling for email marketing is a wise choice. 

With an email list, you can direct conversations concerning your business to a personal level. 

Getting started with email marketing

Thinking about how to get everything rolling with email marketing? Email marketing comprises a few moving pieces, however, that doesn’t mean it must be difficult. Here’s are two things you can do as you begin:

  • Get your mailing list: 

Most importantly, you can’t carry out email marketing efforts when you have nobody to send them to. What’s more, the other thing to remember is that email marketing won’t work if you have the wrong set of individuals on your mailing list.

It implies that you have to get leads to develop your email list with your targeted audience. You can use different tools to generate leads to grow your dumpster rentals agency. These tools will help you target the right audience, which will invariably result in a huge increase in your agency’s profits.

  • Include an Email Service Provider

With an Email Service Provider (ESP), you can subdivide your audience, coordinate your list, and disperse email tasks to your audience. An ESP also gives you the chance to get insights and track results that can help you carry out more effective campaigns in the future.

A decent ESP should be able to blend with other advertising tools you make use of so that you can automate all your marketing campaigns while growing your leads. There is a tall list of email service providers you can make use of.

After taking these two steps, you simply refine your insights and mail to engage and communicate with your audience. Plus, you have the option to set up some automation in your email management, which makes it much easier for you.

Individuals like to get mails

Although many individuals stress over an inbox brimming with promotion messages, most individuals still find brand mails quite helpful. Regularly, individuals subscribe to mailing lists, as they see it as an opportunity to stay informed about your business. 

Whether you’re getting an occasional rebate on your items or facilitating a giveaway, subscribers need to remain aware of everything. Others subscribe to gain tips or hacks from the business.

For a dumpster rentals agency, your emails to your subscribers could entail hacks and tips for taking out the trash, promotions, and relevant information about waste management.

This is the most effective way to develop a relationship with your buyers:

Individuals don’t buy from people they do not trust. We are frequently wary and need evidence before thinking about making a purchase. Email permits you to heat your leads, which can raise sales by at least 20% contrasted with attempting to sell to cold leads.

Email marketing offers you the stage to:

  • Sustain leads over the long haul
  • Interface with prospective customers on a more private level
  • Show your skill and believability by offering added value through your mails

The more the engagement, the higher the conversions. When you dedicate time and efforts to customize your emails and establish solid relationships with the persons on your mailing list, you have a higher opportunity for conversions, which works for your outcomes.

Email marketing complements your content marketing technique

As a dumpster rentals company seeking to explore more online markets, you should have a concrete content marketing plan in place. This is usually the initial step in getting customers to purchase and patronize your product.

Guests access your content and from there, they see what value you have to offer before deciding – or not – to buy from you.

Email marketing works well with other marketing methods. You can use the emails to notify your customers and prospects about your latest posts, giveaway, or promo.

As should be obvious, an email marketing system offers many benefits. 

How to Develop dumpster rentals mailing list

What the vast majority would do when creating a mailing list is to place a subscription form on their site and hope individuals would subscribe. It’s quite unfortunate that this method is not quite effective.

To develop an email list, you have to draw in individuals with an appealing value proposition. You have to make use of a lead magnet.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet (also known as a subscription pay-off) is something of value that you offer free of charge in return for an email address. It must not cost you anything to make; most lead magnets are digital materials such as PDFs, audio, or video recordings that you can create yourself at next to zero expense.

It can be anything you please, as long as it offers free benefits to your guests.

Here are a few common lead magnets:

  • E-books
  • Hacks or easy tips
  • A free quotation or consultancy
  • Test or self-evaluation
  • A voucher

The potential outcomes are boundless!

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A step-by-step guide to creating an opt-in form that converts for dumpster rentals

The reason for your opt-in structure is to be able to convey the enormous usefulness of your lead magnet in getting your website visitors to subscribe to your mailing list, in exchange for receiving the lead magnet.

To make an opt-in structure that converts, it needs to adopt a particular structure.

A captivating headliner: Ensure your headline is clear enough in demonstrating the advantages of your lead magnet.

A captivating description: Ensure your description is brief, clear, and straightforward. Use bulleted lists to make it easy on the user’s eyes while reading.

A captivating image: As much as possible, add a photo of the lead magnet. Plus, a photo of someone looking at the opt-in form is an amazing way to increase conversions. 

A Clear Structure: Try not to ask for more than a first name and email address. If you request too much data too early, it could hamper your email conversions.

A compelling opt-in button: Ensure that sure the opt-in or subscribe button uses an outstanding colour so it stands out on the page. Avoid using non-exclusive email copy that gets people to click immediately.

As soon as the opt-in form is ready, you need to deploy it on your website. There are a couple of highly converting positions and pages where you can place your opt-in form, ranging from the welcome page to the header, the footer, about page, on a dedicated login page, sidebar, on a floating bar, in a scroll box, or an exit-intent pop-up window.

Picking a position or page from this list is mandatory if you want the expected number of subscriptions, given the circumstances. 

Using an exit-Intent pop-up window is very effective. It pops up at the exact moment the customer wants to leave your page. This popup will not interfere with the scrolling experience on the site, it only shows up when the customer wants to leave. It is a great time to encourage them to subscribe or opt in as they’ve probably looked at your content and seen that your site offers value.

Sending the Emails

Note that before rolling out an email to someone on your mailing list, there are two things you’ll need:

  1. The person’s consent
  2. A business email

As you began with an opt-in form, you got that permission. If however, you didn’t get their emails through an opt-in form, it is recommended that you do not send out the marketing emails except if you have their consent. You are at risk of your emails being marked as spam if you do. At this point, not only will they not buy from you, but you might also face counteractive consequences.

Next, you need to use an email provider. These providers provide you with the appropriate tools to send important corporate emails and broadcast messages.

If you send bulk messages without this, your emails will be marked as spam. Your subscribers will most likely not receive your emails, and even worse, your usual emails will also be affected.

It implies that you will be unable to email customers as you should to get the highest possible conversions and sales.

Email service providers take care of all the formalities and expensive techniques. All you have to do is sign up and start using their service.

On a final note

This article has taken you through the first steps of dumpster rentals email marketing. Ensure that you use an opt-in form to create a mailing list, as that would serve as permission to send them marketing emails. 

Recall that with a lead magnet that is beneficial to your prospect, they are sure to subscribe to your mailing list. Email marketing for dumpster rentals has been simplified by the steps listed in this article.

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