Dumpster Rental Youtube SEO

Ultimate Youtube SEO Game Plan For Dumpster Rental Business

Before we jump into the topic we must clear out the ground first. We have to know what SEO is. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of tactics used to optimize the user experience on your website. It focuses on improving a page’s ranking within search engine results and includes web development, design, content creation, and connections with other websites so that it appears as the best result for what users are searching for. It can be used for all popular websites google, youtube you just name it. Today we are going to find out how you can do youtube SEO and for example, we are taking dumpster rentals service. So let’s begin. 

There are several steps to follow to optimize your youtube video. Let’s go one by one.  

Step 01: Wisely pick your keyword

As SERPs become more competitive each month, it is essential to find ways of separating yourself from the competition. Dedicate time towards discovering relevant and volume-driven keywords that may not be as competitive this way you can achieve success without having to fight against other businesses for those TOP spots! 

If I type a dumpster rental service in youtube I am getting several options. But I have to pick the most relevant and least competitive one with search volume. Like I’m getting. 

  1. dumpster rental
  2. dumpster rental near me
  3. dumpster rental prices
  4. how much does it cost to rent a dumpster
  5. dumpster rental prices near me
  6. dumpster rental cost
  7. 5 yard dumpster rental
  8. 10 yard dumpster rental near me
  9. junk removal near me
  10. junk removal companies
  11. junk removal services
  12. junk removal pricing
  13. cost of junk removal

But according to your relevance, you have to choose the right keyword. If you choose the keyword “dumpster rental near me” video. There are plenty of competitions. But if you choose a dumpster rental near Omaha(Search Volume: 3000/month) that will still be relevant but you are keeping yourself out of the red ocean. 

Step 02: Use That Keyword In Your Video And Title

Just take a wild guess. In the dumpster rental keyword, how will your audience search? It is widely accepted that the most common search intentions include informational, commercial, navigational, and transaction-driven queries. So try to match your guesses with those intentions. So by matching the intentions of your audiences you can get some positive results into your dashboard. 

Next up! After determining the intent of your YouTube video, you must focus on identifying its target audience. For example, if it is a product review make sure to incorporate the name in both the title and description as this will give it better visibility when users search Google or YouTube. Though this may seem straightforward many overlook this step which can result in their content falling low on search rankings.

Step 03: Rename Your Video Filename To The keywords

YouTube just might use the file name of your video as one of its ranking factors. To increase your likelihood that viewers will find you through search, make sure to include keywords in the title when uploading it. This strategy can give you a major boost in searches and help gain more attention! You can rename your file “Free Junk Removal Spots Near Omaha” That can surely give you the chance to rank. 

Step 04: You Should Optimize Your Description Too!

Optimizing your YouTube video description should be a top priority for anyone who wants to effectively rank their videos. Updating and changing any element of the video, such as subtitles, closed captions, or even thumbnails; will trigger YouTube’s reevaluation process. It is critical that you get this part right from the start in order to benefit from its advantages! 

It’s important to prioritize your keywords in the opening sentences of your video description, with a maximum length of 200 words. Additionally, always ensure that what you add is useful for viewers; if it doesn’t help them understand or engage better with your content, simply remove it! Don’t push it. 

When writing your video description, use natural language and don’t just stuff it with keywords. Start by inserting the most important words at the beginning of your description. Choose 1-2 main terms to represent what’s in your content and make sure they are visible both in its title as well as its description. Utilize keyword tools like Google Trends or Google Ads Keyword Planner for discovering popular phrases that will draw more traffic from search engines. It is also essential to avoid including irrelevant words since this creates an unsatisfactory viewing experience and could lead you into violating Google policies.

Step 05: Use Relevant Dumpster Rental Hashtags

Youhashtags (#) are a great way to boost the visibility of your content on social media platforms. When used correctly, hashtags make it easier for users to find what they are looking for and also help draw attention to key trends. Adding relevant tags in your YouTube video titles and descriptions will enable them to appear in search results when someone clicks on that hashtag – plus, each tag appears hyperlinked above the title of your video!

Step 06: Choose A Category For Your Video

When seeking a particular video with more specific criteria, users can refine their search to show videos from chosen categories. To up your chances of being seen by them, ensure that you contextualize your YouTube clips by selecting the fitting category options when uploading. There is an array of different classifications available on YouTube for this purpose – so make sure to pick one that matches all your videos!

JA32gyV7KL3uq HT2Mss2ui QY0FOJmTRFjoLDp71iwhOb6 eSinlGNru9WiReyUk07zTIY0s65G7burv 2944MOFXFlnfVTpfR94rI2nnr doGghsbNfDAr3JrO2armngqM64cAT5vIW4y1skHJFw

Here you can see there are several categories. You should select the most relevant one before uploading. 

Step 07: Use Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnails are essential for elevating your YouTube videos. Their first impression is what will truly determine whether or not viewers click on and watch your video, making them the key to success in terms of ranking with YouTube. Design a unique and catchy thumbnail, one that stands out from competitors’ results when people look at search results – this can be important in improving viewers’ experience! 

For example, don’t just settle with screenshots taken directly from the actual video; they’re often not eye-catching enough to draw attention nor do they effectively capture what’s inside the clip itself. So pick a proper photo that represents your video and add some texts and colors that might help you to rank and also stand out.

Step 08: Add Subtitles For Wider Audiences

Unlocking YouTube search success starts with using subtitles and closed captions. While subtitles give viewers who don’t speak the video language an opportunity to understand the dialogue, closed caption files cater to those who can‘t hear audio. Subtitle and caption files contain a transcript of what is said during the video as well as time codes that match up words or other visuals with speech. 

By taking advantage of this feature, you will reach more people and increase your views! Not only does having a transcript for your video improve the viewer experience, but it can also be indexed by search engines just like any blog post. On the upload page of your videos, you have the option to select both the language and file type- there are plenty of helpful tutorials available on how to create an SRT file. With this in mind, creating transcripts has never been simpler – so why not take advantage and give yourself a boost online?


That’s how you can easily do your SEO for your dumpster rental business on youtube. Those steps are changeable because youtube might change its policy. But if you are following everything properly youtube might recognize you and reward you with the proper place that you deserve.  

To conclude, conduct your research carefully as you would with any other content piece. Put the emphasis on crafting evergreen videos that will become part of a larger body of work. The more useful and helpful content pieces you offer your viewers, the higher search volume you can expect for both your company website and YouTube channel!