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How to Save Money on Dumpster Rentals

You need a dumpster rental for many reasons. Are you moving out and have lots of garbage to clear from home? Or do you want to do some renovation around the house, and you need to dispose of some waste and trash responsibly? Then you need a dumpster where you can quickly put in all your trash and garbage without constituting a nuisance to the environment. Renting a roll-off dumpster is an ideal way to dispose of waste that may not fit into an average dumpster; it’s most suitable when you have a lot of trash to dispose of.

You can invest money into other things around the house, like getting suitable materials for your renovation or buying new furniture and other household materials. But it’s not ideal for spending a lot of money on renting dumpsters. That is not to say that you won’t pay the required fees for dumpster rentals. However, there are a few tips you can adhere to that can help you save a considerable amount of money when renting dumpsters. In your location, you may be open to several options with different pricing and products. To get the best company that can give you the best deal, then you should do your research and look for the most budget-friendly priced dumpster. Not just anyone, but one that is safe, durable, and made from quality materials.

Five ways to save money when renting a dumpster

Below are the best ways you can save up some money when renting a dumpster:

Hire a Junk Removal Service

The first step, of course, is to hire a junk removal service, and in the course of hiring one, you’ll want to get the best price on the market. But there’s a difference between a service being cheap and when they offer competitive prices. If you go looking for a cheap junk removal service, you’ll find one, but it’d be too late when you finally discover why that company was significantly cheap. It’s good that you want to save up some cash, but if a company offers meager prices, it’s not good for you.

Before you choose any junk removal service, you have to ensure they are reliable. Only a trustworthy company can help you save your money and time. If you choose an unreliable company, you may end up paying for a dumpster that won’t be picked up at an appropriate time, or in the worst-case scenario, you won’t be provided with a dumpster. Before hiring a junk dumpster removal service, you should consider the following:

  • Reviews of the company
  • Ask for referrals and advice from people who have used a dumpster service. These people can tell you about their experience and the process involved.
  • Check out the company’s website if they have one. You can know much about a company from its websites.
  • More importantly, follow your gut. If you don’t feel right working with a particular company, then it’s probably not the right one for you. You can always choose any company you want to work with.

Choose the Right Size Dumpster

To save up some money when renting a dumpster, you need to be sure of the size of the dumpster you need. When you choose a dumpster that’s too large, you’ll spend more money because you don’t need such a size. Also, when you select a dumpster that’s too small, you’ll end up paying double the price when you need another one. You must communicate your exact needs to the roll-off company and ensure that you’re getting precisely what you requested. The dumpster must correlate with the task at hand; for instance, if you’re completing some renovation and remodeling project in your home, then you don’t need a 10-yard dumpster for the task at hand. However, if you’re cleaning out your garage, or the house, you need a small-sized dumpster.

You must be clear and specific on the task you hope to accomplish and communicate it clearly to the dumpster rental company. This will let the dumpster company know the exact dumpster to deliver to you. 

Consider Cost-Sharing

Sometimes you notice that your dumpster is filling up faster than you expect. Most of the time, it may turn out that someone else is using your dumpster. For instance, if you keep your dumpster on the street or beside a commercial company, there’s a high chance that your dumpster will fill up faster. In this case, you have different options; you can consider putting up a sign that says your dumpster is for your use only. Or you can consider fencing your dumpster or placing it where it’s not easily accessible.

On the flip side, you can use this to your advantage: you can ask any company or individual if they want to use the dumpster with you. When you share the dumpster with someone else, you’ll agree on how to split the bills for the dumpster. Also, you can come to a deal with your partner to place a lock on the dumpster when it’s not in use. This method limits access to the dumpster to only you and your partner. The bills will be lower for you, and you’ll be able to pay almost half of the fee.

Shop Around for Deals

If you do your research well, you’ll find several dumpster rental services near you. This means that you’re not restricted to one dumpster rental service where you’ll be forced to pay any amount they request.

If you intend to save money on your dumpster rental, you can shop for good deals. During this process, ask around for as many dumpster rentals close to you and compare prices. Also, check out if their arrangement works for you. For instance, some dumpster rental companies charge by the day while others charge by the week. Check out how you’ll use the dumpster, if it’s going to take a long time to fill up or if it’ll fill up within a short time. Record all this information and make your comparison. When you finally find a company that offers the best deal, you can strike the deal.

Also, while doing your research, check for hidden fees that may be hidden behind the initial price. These fees are an underhanded way for companies to charge you more at the end of your rental period. Examples of hidden fees may include:

  • Fuel charges
  • Travel charges
  • Environmental fees

The easiest way to avoid hidden fees is to work with a company that makes all its prices transparent. It’ll also help if you search for words like “flat rate” or “final total” before sealing the deal with any dumpster rental service.

Ask for Discounts or Negotiate a Lesser Price

You can always ask for discounts before you hire a dumpster rental service. Seasons like spring, fall, and summer are very busy for dumpster rental companies. During these seasons, many dumpster companies usually have a shortage of containers. If they can successfully rent out a dumpster and get it back immediately, it’ll help them to accept the next roll-off job. You can use this opportunity to ask them if they offer discounts if you use the dumpster for the shortest amount of time, like a day or two, as opposed to a whole week.

Also, you can ask for special discounts; some dumpster rental services offer a 10% discount, especially for senior citizens or veteran military personnel. If you fall into any of these categories, you’re lucky. You can make use of this opportunity by asking if they offer such discounts, or you can do your research on their websites to learn more about it.


You don’t need to spend too much on disposing of trash. With these methods, you can save a lot of money even after disposing of your waste. There are a few more tips that can save you time and money.

Before you rent a dumpster, you must ensure that you have permission to keep it in a particular spot. You can do this by getting a permit or getting special permission from the homeowners’ association in your community. If you place a dumpster in any area without consent, you’ll attract a hefty fine that you must pay. You can avoid all these by getting a permit to put your rented dumpster on any site on the street.

It’s easy to save money on rental dumpsters by following the tips explored in this article. With the money you’ve saved up, you can attend to other pressing needs. And in a bid to search for a budget-friendly dumpster rental service, don’t settle for incompetent services that do not take their jobs seriously and do not have professional staff.