Google Ads Value

Are Google Ads a Waste Of Money?

Are you among those who are still confused about how effective Google ads are? Do you still have questions like, “Are google ads a waste of money?” 

Don’t worry we’re here to shed more light on that and help you make the right decisions when it comes to Google ads.

Have you ever considered how wonderful it’d be if you could press a button and shoppers would instantly arrive on your website when they search for your goods or services?

Unfortunately, we are aware that these tasks are not as simple as they appear, yet they are still not a waste of your money.

However, you can tip the scales in your favor with the correct digital marketing methods.

Through the use of SEO and PPC, you can still stand out in the crowded digital market.

Google ads can give even the smallest business and brands a competitive edge.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Google ads are not a waste of your money but you need to get it right before it will work out well for you. You need to understand how it works and we’ll discuss this below.

Google ads, formerly known as Google AdWords, happens to be one of the most widely used pay-per-click (PPC) platforms for advertising goods and services globally.

In essence, you can pick specific keywords and place bids on them based on how much you’re ready to pay for each click.

You select keywords, which are certain words or phrases that appear frequently in searches for your product or service.

Your advertising will show up above organic search results on search engine results pages when a person conducts a search using your keywords.

This significantly raises your chances of drawing in new clients depending on the keywords and search terms people use to conduct a Google search.

Google Play, Maps, Images, and Google Shopping tab all feature search network advertisements.

Additionally, you may broaden your audience’s reach with the Google Display Network by deploying targeted display advertisements that your target market will see while they are visiting their preferred website, watching videos on YouTube using mobile ads, or even monitoring their Gmail.

You get billed for the portion you bid for each time someone clicks on your ad, often $1 to $2, although it can go a bit higher in some competitive niches.

And that’s what makes Google Ads so appealing. It’s simple to manage your ad spend because you only pay when someone clicks on your advertisement.

Check Out Why Google Ads Are Not A Waste Of Money

As we’ve said earlier,  Google is the most well-known and extensively utilized search engine globally. Has about 3.5 billion users, 1.2 trillion annual requests, and 40,000 searches every second.

So, there is no reason why running advertisements on the platform will be a waste of time and money.

It’s safe to say that Google Ads presents marketers trying to raise brand visibility and sales with essentially limitless chances.

Let’s get going already. Here are why google ads are not a waste of money except you’re not getting it right.

You Can Target A Niche Or Local Market

Google Ads gives your local business an online presence and a great chance to connect with potential clients in their local area.

72% of customers who conduct local searches decide to go to a business that is five miles from their location. That’s a significant sum!

With Google Ads, you can make your location and phone number clickable, enable location and call extensions, and display your address.

To concentrate on your local market and prevent competition with well-known, national companies, you can even activate geographical range boundaries.

The benefit of being keyword-specific with Google Ads is another benefit if you’re in a specialized industry.

There Are Multiple Ways Of Leveling A Playing Field

One of the methods you can use to boost your ad ranking on Google SERPs is by increasing your bids on significant keywords. However, this is not only options available

Also, Google places a high value on quality and relevancy, so a smart marketer who is an expert at creating ads and strategizing campaigns has a distinct advantage over their rivals.

Through creating high-quality ads and optimizing your website with relevant keywords, you can easily outperform less quality ads that may have used higher bids.

Your ads’ relevancy and gratifying user experience all make up your high score.

Pay-per-click Advertising Offers Better and Faster Results Than SEO

The length of time it takes to see results is the main distinction between SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). You’ll see results from Google Ads very instantaneously.

Sincerely, you might begin to receive fresh traffic shortly once your ad is approved.

Simply enter your carefully selected, focused keyword list, choose your maximum price, and establish a spending limit to get started, and traffic might begin to flow that very day.

The time it takes to see results from SEO might often be months. While Pay-per-click (PPC) is all about immediate gratification, SEO is essential for long-term sustainability.

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It’s Easy To Target Potential Clients

We are all familiar with how it operates. If not, here is how it works: When you search for certain goods or services on Google, page after page of SERPs appear, with the first page featuring the adverts and websites that are most pertinent to your search.

You can start shopping for goods and services by clicking on the first result that catches your eye.

The main benefit of Google Ads is that they show up before organic search results at the top of the search results page.

It Offers Unlimited Potentials

With millions of keywords available for bidding and new ones being added every day, Google Ads offers a scalable marketing technique. Your potential audience is thus essentially limitless.

Prepared to increase your traffic? Add a few unique keyphrases! Have you developed a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign that is profitable?

Spend more money each day to get more clicks. I think you can see from this that Google ads are not a waste of money.

The keywords are ranked using a bidding method in Google Ads. A greater bid will put you in a better position.

So, if you’re at position 4, increasing your spending might help you move up to position 2.

The more you rank, the more visitors and clicks you’ll receive because money is what keeps the world turning. By raising your bid, you can entice as many potential clients as your budget will allow.

Keeping Track Of Your Campaign Is Not Complicated

Making a marketing plan successful involves more than just developing and implementing an effective campaign.

The rest is just about keeping close track of your data and thoroughly evaluating it.

One of the most comprehensive and user-friendly analytics tools available is already included in Google Ads.

You can instantly obtain all the information you need by looking at your metrics to see how a specific campaign is performing.

Additionally, you have the choice of integrating your Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to conveniently compare your organic and PPC search data side by side.

Flexible and Quite Easy To Control

Google ads can easily be controlled. You can easily pause a google ad campaign and later resume it without incurring any fees.

Due to the flexibility and lack of a contract or set conditions, you may better manage your marketing budget. 

You can also place your ads and control them without many complications.

With Google ads not being a waste of money, does it mean it doesn’t have some downsides? Brilliant questions you’ve got there. Let’s see its downsides.

Yes. There are drawbacks to anything in life and Google Ads are no different. 

First and foremost, learning how to find the proper keywords is not always simple.

While you’re learning, it’s quite easy to spend time and money with little to show for it.

If you don’t pick the appropriate keywords, your advertisement may be viewed by the wrong audience or not at all.

Additionally, you must gain knowledge of negative keywords, bidding strategies, and the creation of effective ads and landing pages.

You must be prepared to devote the necessary time to monitoring your ads and making any necessary adjustments. It’s not a procedure you can set and forget.

There are actually many things to learn, and occasionally many people lack the necessary patience. Don’t forget that all those fresh clicks go as soon as you cease spending money on Google Ads.


What Are The Types Of Google Ads Available?

Google offers about five types of campaigns. Take a look at them below:

  • Search campaign
  • Display campaign
  • Shopping campaign
  • Video campaign
  • App campaign

How Much Does Google Ads Really Cost?

Google ads price ranges from $1 to $2 per click in the United State of America.

However, the price of your ads is largely dependent on a lot of variables such as your website quality and your bidding amount.

Is Google Adsense Free?

Yes, there is no fee to take part in a sense. All you have to do is, apply for google Adsense and when approved you will start earning.

Even better, Google Compensates you for views or clicks on the Google advertising you post on your website.

On a final note;

Google ads are not a waste of both your money and time. Google pays you for every click on the ads you placed on your website. 

Read through the article to understand better how Google ads works to avoid wasting  your money and time.