SEO Tips for Waste management

5 SEO Tips for Waste Management Companies

How often do your business rank on the Google search engine? Or better put, does your business even rank on the Google search engine?

If any of these questions bother you, it’s probably because you do not maximize the benefits of digital marketing strategy and seo.

Google is used for many things; however, do you know that 46% of Google searches are majorly for local businesses?

People search for local businesses like waste management companies every day, and if yours doesn’t come up on the Google search engine, then something is wrong somewhere.

In this article, you’re going to find out SEO tips for your waste management company to rank on Google search engine or any other search engine. 

Before that, what do you know about SEO? Read on.

What is SEO?

SEO means search engine optimization; it’s a tool that improves web pages’ appearance on the  Search Engine Result Page.

For your company to rank on the Google search engine, your content needs to be laced with the right keywords. Inserting the right keywords is part of creating and implementing an SEO strategy.

When it comes to SEO, there are different types; but for companies like waste management, local SEO is the ideal one for it. Since most of these waste management companies are local companies that render service to people in a specific area.

One thing peculiar to local SEO is that it ranks web pages that have locational elements like “Waste management company in <insert location>”

Is SEO essential for waste management companies?

Yes! The whole essence of owning a waste management company is to serve customers in a specific area or beyond. And this is only feasible when there’s visibility; when people can search and find your company easily.

The first port of call for anybody in need of your waste management services is either Google or other search engines. And for local businesses like waste management, it gets easier because every day, people need their services.

The hard part, however, is when your business is not one of the top-ranking results on SERPs. And when this happens, your business suffers and your potential customers are lost to your competitors.

This is the part where SEO comes in; it takes your business from the bottom of the search engine result to the top; it helps increase your business’s online visibility and in turn, generates traffic to your site.

5 SEO Tips For Waste Management Companies

Below are five SEO tips that will improve your business appearance and positioning on SERPs.

  • Claim and optimize your Google My Business listing

One local SEO tool that can’t be overlooked is Google My Business (GMB).

Many businesses create Google business listings (Business profiles) to gain more visibility on Google. However, what many don’t know is that just creating a business profile doesn’t necessarily give you control over it; and you need to have control over it if you need your business profile to serve as an effective SEO tool for you.

To have complete control over your Google Business Profile, you need a Google My Business to account for that profile. 

GMB is a form of Google’s online directory. Companies can share important information about their business with their customers such as phone numbers, location, and services. You can also get reviews from customers on GMB. 

The reason why claiming and optimizing your GMB is essential for waste management SEO is that it lets SERPs recognize your business when there’s a search for local businesses. 

Owning a business profile is not enough. By creating a Google My Business profile, you have access to manage, update and customize all the information that your users need to see on your business profile.

In filling out your profile, ensure that all the information is correct and updated. Incorporate local keywords, highlight the services you render, and what distinguishes your business from others.

  • List your business in other directories

GMB is indeed important for local SEO. However, other sites perform the same function as GMB. 

For your business to rank high on search engines, you can also list your business in other sites/directories apart from GMB.

Some of these sites include Bing Places For Business, Yelp, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Better Business Bureau.

When it comes to local SEO, these sites are powerful tools that can help your business rank search engine result pages and improve your online visibility.

It’s quite easy to update these sites because they follow the same process as the GMB. Firstly, add or claim your profile, then update the site with all necessary information. Such as your photos, location, and description of your business.

To make it easier, you can use a tool called LocalFX. This tool helps you manage and update these sites by synchronizing data across all these platforms.

  • Get and manage online reviews

This tool seems very insignificant and that’s why it’s underrated. Many business listing sites like the GMB have made provisions for customers or users to leave a review. 

The essence of these reviews is that it builds trust and encourages potential users to choose your business.

How do reviews help to increase your ranking you may ask? Google would rank any business with more positive reviews because they see it as the best solution that would meet potential users’ needs.

Develop the habit of encouraging your users to leave reviews. This can easily be achieved by adding a link to your website that leads back to your profile.

Also, ensure to confirm if you’re permitted to do this in any other directory so that you’re not breaking any rule in the process.

Pay attention to every review either positive or negative. Thank the users for the positive reviews and politely offer to address the negative reviews in a private space.

There’s always the option of hiring a professional review expert.  A professional can help you manage your reviews without crossing any users.

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  • Choose the right keywords and create content

As you know, content is king. A well written and unique content can make a user try out your business. Content that’s different from the rest pricks the user’s interest and they’re persuaded to do more than read by clicking on your link. However, for your content to rank on SERPs, they need to be written uniquely and most importantly with the right keyword. 

Speaking about keywords, the best keywords to use are the words your customers use when they’re searching for waste management companies. Some tools can help you come up with keywords suitable for your content.

Once you’ve come up with your keyword, create unique content around your keyword. At this point, you should be aware that the Google algorithm has been updated to fish out keyword stuffing. Hence the need to be careful when incorporating your keywords into your content.

The best places to include keywords to increase your chances of getting ranked are throughout the copy, the headline, the meta description, and your URL. 

When you insert keywords in strategic places like this, it increases your chances of showing in the top result of search engines.

  • Start earning links

Another important SEO tip for waste management companies to rank higher is to start earning links. The more quality backlinks you can get, the higher your chances of ranking higher.

You can get quality backlinks from other websites; it’s a plus for you if you get the link from an authoritative website. This enables Google to view your site in the same light.

Before you can get quality backlinks, your content must first be top-notch. It is only then that others want to link to your site. Creating unique content is not a piece of cake, however, when it is done well, it attracts others to read and use your content and consequently links back to your site.

You can also earn backlinks through traditional means of reaching out to other authoritative sites and suggesting a link to one of your content to them.

To get quality backlinks, you can try guest blogging. Some sites let you link back to your site after writing for them.

Bottom line

The world is going digital and if you’re not benefiting from it, you’re running at a loss. The best way to benefit from a digital marketing strategy is when your business can rank top of search engine result pages. It increases your visibility and rakes in organic traffic to your site.

Some SEO tips have been explored in the article and if properly effected will cause positive results within a short time.

In trying to create quality content and using the right keyword, it must be emphasized that the Google algorithm can now track keyword stuffing. It’s bad for a site if Google points that out. 

To be safe, create quality content with the keywords correctly and carefully, follow the other SEO tips carefully and watch your business rank on Google search engine or other search engines.