Are Facebook Ads dead?

Are Facebook ads dead?

Have you been hearing rumors of how Facebook ads are dead? Then reading this article will help you know everything about it.

Over time, Facebook has been making many changes with more requirements and regulations regarding advertising on its platform.

You feel Facebook charges too much fee for placing ads. Or you are not getting enough sales even after advertising. You hear people complain Facebook doesn’t have the services they need. All these are irrelevant rumors as Facebook still runs ads successfully to date.

In this article, we’ll share with you some common excuses why people say Facebook is dead.

Facebook users leave it for other platforms.

One of the excuses to take note of is that Facebook users are leaving it for other platforms, especially Instagram. 

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms where people chat and run ads for marketing. It was estimated in 2017 that 78% of people aged 12-34 were using Facebook.

However, in 2018 it reduced to 69% and 62% in 2019, respectively. 

Note that 66% of those 12-34-year-olds have migrated to Instagram, a Facebook-owned company. Since Facebook owns Instagram, many changes may be made to it.

We know Facebook has to draw the attention of a young and trendier audience. But its advertising space isn’t that bleak after all.

Changes In Algorithm Make Facebook Advertising Too Difficult

In 2018, there were many changes to what people see on their Facebook newsfeeds. This was due to the Russian ads scandal in 2016 and fake news.

To wipe out fake news from the platform, Mark Zuckerberg announced that the algorithm would, from then on, solely rely on “meaningful interactions” from friends and family over brand content.

Therefore, as a result, many ad publishers and businesses realized their content got fewer viewers.

But even with these massive changes, business content, brands, and ads are not entirely out of the picture.

The changes only got better because facebook categorized hundreds of potential content in the order of how a user will likely use them. 

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There is an excuse for massive competition

A good reason why people leave Facebook is the feeling of massive competition on the platform. 

Why do you even bother about too much competition on Facebook?

Do you still think Facebook ads are dead? Then know that In 2020, about 97.9 percent of Facebook’s global revenue was generated from advertising. That is massive!

People engage in new businesses daily, and it is only standard for them to place ads for publicity. Facebook is not the only platform they advertise on. 

Also, when people are on their mobile data, they see a lot of ads popping up from different platforms.

Here’s a tip to stand out among other competitors; Be very creative because to stand out, you need to be a master in what you do.

Importantly, understand your audience, engage them, and also how to please them.

I can’t deal! Facebook is expensive

This is one of your excuses. But Calm down. Facebook is not as expensive compared to other platforms.

There are lots of reasons why there’s a rise in Facebook ads. Some are related to the platform, while others are because of its users.

If you’re paying a lot for Facebook ads, this is because of what you sell. Some people spend a lot of money on Facebook ads, but in reality, they get multiple returns for what they paid.

Are Facebook Ads still relevant?

Yes, it is. Suppose you want to place ads on any social media platform. Facebook ads are still one of the most powerful tools for businesses. 

Of course, Facebook ads do not exceed YouTube and Google ads. 

However, despite the rise of other social media platforms, Facebook is still the biggest, with 2.7 billion active monthly users compared to TikTok’s 1 billion active users.

When you choose not to run ads on Facebook, it is like choosing to lose a considerable part of the money. As there is a possibility, a lot of buyers could patronize you.

Here is one of the crucial reasons why Facebook is relevant:

Large Target Capabilities

Facebook has some of the most advanced targeting capabilities available. 

Facebook targets a large audience, and this ensures your ads reach millions of people every day. Some of these people could become your most loyal customer.

Here are some ways to meet your target audience through Facebook ads:


Set your location to countries, cities, or communities where you would want more audience and patronage.


You can choose your audience based on sex, age, occupation, and many more. 


To gain more targets, add the interest of those you want your ad to reach. For example, include relevant hobbies.


This is where you target your ads to how consumers react to purchases or how frequently they use their mobiles.


You can choose who to connect with, either with an old or new audience.

How can I use Facebook ad targeting?

Facebook ad targeting is the best tool to use. It will help you define those who will see your ads. 

It can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. However, it will affect the cost of your ads. You will pay more to reach a large audience, as a smaller audience costs less.

Facebook ads target is categorized into three different target audiences.

  1. Custom audiences: you reconnect with people who already have a relationship with your business.
  1. Core audiences: these are audiences you target through locations, cities, gender, or occupation.
  1.  Lookalike audiences: these are people you target based on your potential customers, but in reality, you have no idea about your brand.

Benefits of Facebook ads

Facebook is not dead, as it’s still very active in running ads. If you’re a digital marketer just starting, then Facebook ads are an excellent platform where you can reach potential customers.

As the world keeps moving, more people rely on Facebook ads to promote their businesses. 

Here are some benefits of Facebook ads.

  • It is effective in generating traffic

Facebook is one of the largest social media networks and is reported to have 1.96 billion daily active users. It has a massive impact on the way business owners get to advertise.

In addition, when Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, Facebook ads got more viewers—reaching different and more significant demographics. 

The combination of Facebook and Instagram allows Ads to be seen by multiple viewers.

This benefit is enough to make you invest more if you consider opting out as your brand is available to more eyes.

  • Its budget is friendly to users

In reality, Facebook ads are budget-friendly compared to other advertising platforms. Let’s say you want to get your business to advertise on TV, in newspapers, and so on. You will have to pay thousands before getting it accomplished.

And even after paying such an amount of money, you do not have the assurance that your ads are reaching potential customers. 

However, With Facebook, your ads can reach 1,000 people on the same day you release your brand with even less than a 10-dollar budget.

And the intriguing part is that you get to choose who sees your ads. Also, the category of audience you want to reach.

  • It is easy to set up ads campaign with fast results

Facebook’s Business Manager tool takes a bit of practice to have it up and running and also reach its full potential. However, the initial setup and getting your first ad published are easy.

Apart from the benefit of an excellent setup, it can reach a considerable active audience, which makes it easy and fast. Studies show that social media influences 57% of consumers’ shopping.

And 44% of that 57% affirm that Facebook is the most influential social media platform. 

  • Call to action interface

Running ads on Facebook is interesting because there’s a provision for a call-to-action. Your customers can take the action you want them to take by simply clicking the call-to-action button.

The can you want them to take can be buying or booking, among others.  There’s no doubt that CTA makes a massive difference in the performance of your ads.

  • Measure and track

All business owners running ads on any platform want to measure and track the value they paid for. The most significant advantage of placing ads on Facebook is you can measure and track the result of your ads. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What is the target audience in advertising?

The target audience is the specific number of people who may like to patronize your service or brand.

Q: Can I  choose my audience using Facebook ads? 

Yes, you can. Simply go to your ads settings on Facebook and find the “Interests” section.


This article has explicitly explained how Facebook ads work and their benefits. 

Facebook ads are still very much active and a powerful tool for marketing your brands. As mentioned above, the combination of Facebook and Instagram creates room for more viewers.

So do not hesitate to invest in Facebook ads. It’s one of the excellent platforms to get 10× value of what you paid.